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Hojo 101

Terms for practicing Aikido and Hojo in the Aikido Ikeda Dojo Zurich

The aim of the Aikido Ikeda Dojo Zurich is the promotion and dissemination of Aikido and Hojo. To this purpose, the club operates one or more dojos and offers its members the opportunity to learn and practice Aikido and Hojo.
The examination scheme of Ikeda Sensei serves as a fundament for the Aikido lessons (extract from the articles of the club Aikido Ikeda Dojo Zurich).

  • For applicants less than 18 years old the registration has to be confirmed by the parents.
  • The dojo members are personally responsible for accidents, property damage and theft. The club assumes no liability.
  • Instructions of the trainer have to be followed at any time.
  • Fees for membership or beginner courses are payable in advance.
  • Notice period for cancelling the club membership is 2 months in advance to the end of the club year. The notice has to be submitted in writing.
  • Contributions already paid cannot be refunded.

  • The fee for the beginner course has to be paid at the first course participation in cash. This amount cannot be refunded.
  • A trial lesson and the first week of the beginner course are free of charge.

  • Upon prior written request the monthly fees can be waived for interruptions of training of more than three months in duration. A training interruption is limited to a maximum of 12 months.
  • The fees for the national or international association in which the Club is a member, have as well to be paid further, if the interruption lasts for more than 6 months.
  • Exceptions can be approved by the board.