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Partner dojos in Africa

Support for 2 Partner-Dojos in Kenya und Zanzibar

Aikido Ikeda Dojo Zurich (AIDZH) is setting up a programme for development and dissemination of Aikido in East Africa.  We provide support to the two dojos Aikikai Nairobi (in Nairobi, Kenya) and Aikikai Zanzibar (in Stonetown, Zanzibar).

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Our endeavour is a solely not-for-profit activity and based on the spirit of intercultural exchange and friendship. Our Association is registered in Switzerland and associated through the Swiss Federation of Aikido (Swiss Aikikai - The Aikido Federation ACSA of Switzerland), which is member of the Japanese Aikikai Foundation in Tokyo, Japan. Our instructors are internationally certified and in this partnership we are teaching Aikido on a pro bono basis.

We are aiming to support local practitioners of Budo sports in getting familiar with Aikido and to empower young people to attain skills and international recognition in this very sophisticated and modern Japanese martial art, which has a well-connected community-network around the world.

Aikido is still scarce in Africa. In the former colonies of France you will find a few Aikido dojos (e.g. Senegal and Madagascar), and in parts of South Africa as well. In East Africa karate and judo are very popular.

A small group of Kenyan aikido practitioners trains in the rooms of the Japanese Embassy, instructed by Embassy staff member Toshiyuki Kitayama (3rd Dan Aikikai).
In Zanzibar there is a big Budokan Dojo with professional judo training (founded by Japanese Shimaoka 20 years ago). The judokas of Zanzibar are among the best in all of Africa. A few judokas and karatekas have begun with Aikido but there is yet no structured training.

Our aim:
  • Aikido Ikeda Dojo Zurich helps establishing 2 partner dojos in Kenya and Zanzibar, in order to provide a good and long-term opportunity to learn Aikido and to organise in clubs. In the medium-term, a local organisation shall be created to ensure the continuity of said dojos, independently of Aikido Ikeda Dojo Zurich.

  • AIDZH lists the aikido students of the two partner-dojos as AIDZH oversee-members. Thus they can take exams recognized by ACSA. AIDZH registers the two partner-dojos with ACSA under the Aikido Ikeda Dojo Zürich.
  • AIDZH sees to it that the members of the two partner-dojos are registered with ACSA and therefore their gradations through ACSA examiners will be registered and recognized at Hombu Dojo (Aikikai Japan).
  • Oversee-members do not automatically have the right to vote at AIDZH.
  • AIDZH encourages the teachers and interested aikido practitioners to take part in seminars at the two partner-dojos to exchange knowledge and Aikido experiences.  AIDZH regularly supports such local seminars (1-2 per year).
  • AIDZH provides the two partner-dojos with teaching materials and the AIDZH examination programme

The first International Aikido Seminar in Zanzibar was held in Stonetown in June 2016 at the Budokan Dojo of Zanzibar Judo Association, Amani Stadium.
Here are the videos: