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Ikeda Sensei
Ikeda Sensei
Ikeda Sensei

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The club Aikido-Dojo Zürich exists since April 2003. It was founded by students of Sensei Ikeda Masatomi (7. Dan), who was teaching them for 15 Years in his own school, the Aikido Ikeda-Dojo.

When he fell badly ill, Sensei Ikeda Masatomi was regrettably forced to close his Dojo.
In the Aikido-Dojo Zürich, Aikido is continued, taught and developed in his spirit.

All founder members of the Aikido-Dojo Zürich have been students of Ikeda Sensei for many years. Some of the students were also entrusted to give lessons by sensei Ikeda for several years.

As Ikeda Sensei already did, we teach Hojo besides of Aikido.

The Aikido-Dojo Zürich is member of the ACSA (Association Culturelle Suisse d'Aikido) and connected to the Hombu-Dojo in Tokio, Japan.