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Hojo with Ikeda Sensei
Hojo with Ikeda Sensei
Hojo in the Ikeda-Dojo
Hojo in the Ikeda-Dojo
Hojo in Prajano
Hojo in Prajano


Literally translated Hojo means "law of nature".

Hojo originates from the sword fight Kenjutsu (today Kendo) and serves physical and mental training. Hojo is a sword kata (exercise form), which is practised with special wood swords (Hojo bokken). Today Hojo is still teached largely in the way, as it was to its time of origin around 1330.

In Hojo the students learn a specified chain of movements (Kata) with a partner. The cycle of the four seasons is gone through, which is expressed in different movements and paces, particularly in different breathing methods. Hojo is not practised as competition, but a dialogue with the counterpart, which is hold by the movement, not by the word, and it demands a high degree of concentration.

Hojo is an intensive, energetic training form between two partners. At the same time it is a harmonious course of motion, which can have a very meditative effect.
To join the trainings is possible at any time.