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"Humans consist of body and spirit, and the spirit is like a bright mirror. The body however leaves the spirit become cloudy. Aikido dedusts the body."

This quotation of the Aikido founder Morihei Ueshiba (1883 - 1969) lets suspect that Aikido is not to be gotten with terms like "combat art" or "sport" in our sense. AI means harmony, KI is mental energy and DO the way. Deeply justified in the Samurai tradition of the ancient Japan, but again inspired by appeasing spirit, Aikido can be regarded as modern expression of traditional Japanese combat arts (Budo).
Morihei Ueshiba had dedicated his life to the old combat arts, whose methods and mentality he was completely in controll, and he recognized finally the fact that the true sense of the Budo cannot be in fighting and destruction but rather in complete emphatising into the aggressor, in order to abduct him from the confrontation - without aggression. This apparently inconsistent fusion of efficient combat art and pacifistic mentality contributes surely much to the fascination, which goes out from Aikido.
Although Aikido is only taught for few decades publicly and was never developed to a tournament sport (as for instance Karate or Judo) according to the will of its founder, nowadays Aikido is spread in many countries on all five continents. In Switzerland already far more than 1000 persons are practicing this recent Budo art and it is spreading slowly, but continuously.

There are no special qualifications are required to exercise Aikido and to understand it, except perhaps patience and to be willing in getting to know oneself better.