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Aikido Ikeda Dojo Zürich
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November 18, 2018

Aikido in Zürich

The first Zurich dojos joint seminar

Akimasa Watanabe, 6th Dan, Iwama Aikido Zürich
Andrea Pfisterer, 4th Dani, Kokoro Dojo Zürich
Hanspeter Dietz, 4th Dan, Kokoro Dojo ZürichHansruedi Nef, 6th Dan, Aikido Ikeda Dojo Zürich
Igor Drieghe, 4th Dan, Aikido Atelier Zürich
Jakob Spälti, 5th Dan, Aikido Atelier Zürich
Karl Feierabend, 5th Dan, Budo-Schule Samurai
Milena Wayllany, 4th Dan, Aikido Ikeda Dojo Zürich
Philippe Baur, 3rd Dan, Aikido Birankai Zürich
Roland Spitzbarth, 6th Dan, Aiki-Dojo Zürich
Sven Friedel, 1st Dan, Aikido Kenkyukai Zürich

When: Sonntag, 10.09.17, 10:00 - 17:00
Sporthalle Döltschiweg 184 Zürich
20.- Fr.

For detailed information about seminar and teachers visit the
Kokuro Dojo Zürich xgnext seminar website
Download the  pics 42 xgnext seminar flyer (in German)